In 2006, it was decided that the company would establish a rendering plant to produce a range of human grade animal fats and oils, using a custom process.

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These fats and oils can be supplied in bulk tankers, or IBC’s to a variety of specifications.

http___www.bigleaguekickball.com_category_press_ buy cheap online pharmacy soma Also, our unique oil plant can produce an impressive 250 tonnes a week.

Currently the plant can produce from chicken, turkey and beef, other species are always a possibility.

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The company has run its own laboratory since 2004 to provide the results to support the export of its products and to monitor the quality of its incoming raw materials and processes.

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The purpose built laboratory is manned by suitably skilled and experienced staff, and routinely takes part in ring testing.

The laboratory is currently seeking third party accreditation.


The company has a wide range of standard equipment to help process a variety of meat products and cuts, and some very special machinery to produce a range of specialist products. Any or all of these machines can be made at the disposal of clients.

We have successfully processed products on behalf of clients for many years and have experience of monitoring and controlling the whole process on their behalf.



The co-located cold store has the capacity to hold over 800 tonnes of frozen product. Expertise in configuring loads to achieve optimum pay load has been developed over the many years of exporting products around the globe.

At Ken Read and Son, we have the capacity to hold 800 tonnes of product a week through our state of the art, automatic plate freezers. As well as that, we can also blast freeze 150 tonnes of product on a weekly basis.


The company has facilities to clean trays and dolavs, and these services can be offered either as a one off, or on a regular basis.

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